What is Nutritional Therapy?   

Most people that I talk to have no idea what Nutritional Therapy is, so let me explain. I strongly believe that our bodies were made to be capable of healing itself by feeding it properly and supporting the healing process. Many great nutritional pioneers provided us with supporting scientific evidence that consuming a properly-prepared, nutrient-dense diet along with short-term use of targeted, high quality supplements (used therapeutically), health can be completely restored at the cellular level. 

By using a variety of evaluation methods and techniques including a complete review of your health and diet history, a 3-Day Food Journal, as well as tapping into your individual innate intelligence utilizing the hands-on Functional Evaluation, I can identify if there are any nutrient deficiencies present, and what particular nutrient(s) will work to bring you to restoration. 

Nutrient sufficiency - attained through a properly prepared, nutrient-dense, whole food diet - provides essential building blocks for the body to balance itself!  Through carefully designed bio-individual dietary, lifestyle and supplement recommendations, along with sensible advice for adequate hydration, rest, and stress management, Nutritional Therapy promotes optimal health - effectively balancing body chemistry and reducing, or even eliminating dysfunction.   

My Story

I have always had a deep love for food and cooking. From the time I was little I can remember experimenting with recipes, trying to come up with my own signature cookie recipe. Or the small stint I had being a vegan in high school, making a "meatloaf" out of cashews. The science behind food and flavors has always intrigued me. 

 Growing up, my Dad, a Crossfit Gym owner for 10 years in San Diego, CA and a Crossfit Games competitor, always tried to teach us how to make good choices when it came to food. We always thought he was a "health nut", giving us bee pollen, raw milk, and adding bones to sauces and soups... At the time we didn't appreciate it, and we even thought some of it was gross or mean (like never being allowed to drink soda!), I am so grateful for the nutritional foundation he gave me from the beginning. However, my diet was not always perfect, and when I eventually moved out on my own and had free will over what I put in my body, I didn't always make a wise choice. In fact, I'm sure during my young adult years, living on my own, I did a lot of damage to myself with the overconsumption of alcohol and fast foods. 

Fast forward to my married years, I got my act together and focused on making "healthy" meals for my family. Unfortunately, that consisted of what is now considered the Standard American Diet (SAD diet). Lots of bread, rice, and pasta, pasteurized dairy, refined sugars... if it was fast, easy, and filling, it was on my meal plan.

After having kids I really wanted to give them the best start but didn't know very much about their growing bodies to do much more than make all my own baby food. After a few years my son developed allergies and both my kids always seemed to be sick. They would both get croup, ear infections, and colds several times a year. After moving from a beach town in San Diego, CA to Fresno, CA my son developed asthma. That's when I turned to my Dad for more of his wisdom. My dad himself never stopped his own journey toward optimal health and a few years prior changed his diet to look very closely like the Paleo Diet. He suggested I do the same for my family.

Once we made the change, I saw a major improvement in our health and started reading more about why food had such a huge impact on our health, and never stopped reading and researching. A few years later my husband encouraged me to pursue a career in Nutrition, and here I am! I am a certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through the Nutritional Therapy Association. I learned so much through this school and loved every second of it. I am still on my own path to health and growing in my knowledge of nutrition, a path that I'm sure will never end. Come and join me!