Valentine's treat

Today is the big day!!! The day your kid's school celebrates Valentine's Day! That means a whole bag of candy is coming home with your kid, and most likely, that they will be having a party at school with even more treats. For kiddos like mine, who don't eat most of the candy given out at events like this or any of the gluten-laden treats, it is a tough day. So I put in a little extra work and provide them with yummy and fun grain-free treats they can enjoy with their class. This year I made Jenni Hulet's nut-free chocolate cake in mini cupcake form (you can find the recipe in her amazingly beautiful book Paleo Patisserie, or a similar one here on her blog) topped with her Strawberry Frosting. These little bad billies are SO GOOD! I've made them before for class parties and the kids don't even know the difference! 

Along with these mini-cupcakes, I'm planning on trading my kids their commercially made candy for something a little more on the healthy side. I swung by Whole Foods earlier this week and got them each a mini box of organic chocolates with no weird oils or sugars in them. A friend of mine buys her kids candy back, which I think is another great idea! What kid doesn't want money?!

What do you do for your kids to reduce the amount of sugar they get in the classroom? Share your tips in the comment section below, if I get some good ones I'll share them in my next blog post! 

Also, stay tuned for the fun Valentine's dinner I'm planning for this Sunday!